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Wolds Equine Rehabilitation and Training, located in Louth, Lincolnshire,

Search Engine Algorithms

Algorithm : A process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.Everyone is scared of algorithms because at school only the top set learnt about them right ?All those Braniacs studying Mathematics at a higher level yes ?Poop! Absolute Unicorn Poop!

How Google Works

How Google Works : A plain speak description of google, how it works, what it does and how you can work with its algorithms to increase your business presencein search engine results

Unicorn F'arts Design Studio

Our Clients tell us they love our personal approach. We are real human beings and are approachable and for the most part jargon free. We work with you in a supportive way, to ensure your own ideas are brought to life, and also to show you what our talented and experienced team can do.

Is that the kind of Web Development team you'd like to be involved with?

What we Do

Here at Unicorn F'Arts we specialise in creating platforms for Small Businesses, we are a team of Creative Geeks that enjoy nothing more than working with fellow creative Business Owners to produce both on and offline software that enables you to run your business efficiently, all in one place.

The Team

Our Team is what the industry would refer to as a "full stack" development team meaning we write all of our own code and create all of our own software.

We have already produced our very own Content Management System which is being constantly updated to ensure we stay current with industry standards.

How We Help You

Our strengths lie in producing unique software that works, keeping processes as simple as possible and paying attention to the smallest of details.

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