Branding and Logo Questionnaire

Developing a brand identity is the one area of marketing that’s often overlooked.
It's often the last thing people think to spend their money on, thinking that it isn't important!

I can assure you it is!

If you can recognise other Brands almost instantly by a typeface or an emblem, why would you NOT want this for your business ?

What the most successful companies know is that the outward expression of a brand, including its name, trademark, communications, and visual appearance is brand identity, your brand image is important, we take it as seriously as you do.
Your brand needs to strongly identify your products and services differently to your competitors.
I believe it encompasses more than a well designed logo and an appealing tagline. Your Brands' identity should immediately form an opinion in the mind of your prospective customer or client.
All of the interactions you have will communicate a message & establish a standpoint regarding your brand.
Your identity is shaped by everything from the logo, to web navigation & public interaction within the social media environment.

So, where do you begin?

To help you start off on the right track, I'm sharing my initial questionnaire to help you.
This questionnaire is a big part of your brand strategy process, take your time!

Are you sitting comfortably ?

Then we shall begin ..

Brand Values

1.Company mission statement: This is a sentence or two that explains your company’s goals. It should also weave in some information about what your organization is and why it exists.

2. Product/services positioning statement: This is like your company mission statement, only more specific to your offerings. Here’s Google’s for an example:

“Our mission: is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

3. Benefit of your product/service: Does it save your customers money? Does it help them increase ROI? Think about how exactly you’re helping your target audience.

4. Five words that represent your brand: Think about your brand’s personality. How would you describe it?

5. Three messages your brand needs to communicate: Why does your brand matter? These messages should be relevant to your target audience.

6. Value proposition: How do you solve your customers’ problems? This should summarize why someone should buy your product or invest in your services.
Brand Attributes

Brand Essence & Identity.

The attributes of your brand will be markers for your target market.

7. How does your brand’s image fall between these opposing characteristics?


8. What colours represent your brand?

9. What colours would you not like to see?

10. What words would you use to describe your brand’s image?

11. What words would you not want used to describe your brand’s image?

12. What attributes and/or emotions do you want associated with your brand?

13. What attributes and/or emotions would you not want associated with your brand?

Abstract Values

Be Imaginitive when answering the following questions, the more information you give, the tighter your branding will be

14. How would you describe your brand to a friend?

15. How would you describe its style?

16. What other brands would be its friends?

17. Where would your brand hang out?

18. Age? Gender?

19. What actor/actress would be perfect to play your brand? Why?

20. What kind of car would your brand be?

21. What animal would represent your brand?

Visual Preference

The following questions will help you narrow down your visual preferences, these will help define the look and feel of your brand.

Logo Formats

22. Which one of these logo formats do you believe best represents your brand?


This format includes your company’s name in stylized typeface and/or your company initials in a simple shape.

Pictorial Mark

This mark includes literal or representative imagery to symbolize your brand.

Abstract Mark

This format includes abstract shapes and symbols that convey a specific idea or attribute.
These types of logos are very unique and identifiable often without the company name.

Emblem or Enclosure

This features the name or initials of the company, usually as part of a pictorial element or shape.

Logo Styles

23. Which one of these logo styles do you feel best represents your brand?

Web 2.0

Common elements typically include vibrant colors, a subtle 3D feel, bold type, color transitions, shadows, gloss and reflection.


Common elements include fresh colors, stylized imagery and clean type.


Common elements include timeless colors, literal imagery and traditional type.


Common elements include detail, textures, flowing lines and distinctive type.

Complex illustration

These include a hand-drawn feel depicting a scene or character.

Type Face (Font)

24. What style of Type Face do you feel best represents your brand?

Serif : Identifiable by the extra "finishes" at the end of the line strokes : not suitable for small resolution screens, perfect for print and as headlines.
Convey : Tradition, Practicality and Elegance.

Slab Serif : Thick Geometrical almost mechanical typeface, suitable especially for headlines, stand up well to print and screens.
Convey : Stability, Assertiveness and Strength.

Sans Serif : Identifiable by its lack of serifs, Clean and precise fonts that stand out well on screens and in print.
Convey : Approachabilty, Simplicity and Progression

Script : Fluid and smooth handwriting style typefaces suitable for a wide range of media, formal and informal styles.
Convey : Creativity, Style and Personality.

Blackletter : Traditional Gothic or Old English type face, typically with highly decorated capitals designed to rival images in print.
Convey : History, Formality and Longevity.

NB : Please do not rush through these questions, your answers will ultimately determine your brand’s positioning, so this deserves more than a 5 minute scribble .. use your thinking head!

I know that a branding project is a lot of work, and hopefully this brand and logo questionnaire will help you to avoid a break out of mental elves. If you have questions or require extra guidance please .. get in touch .. I dont bite!