The Laughter Locker * The Laughter Goddess

The Design Process :

Before beginning to sketch for your Logo/Personal Branding I sat down and did some research into your business, it's always interesting and very often presents ideas that I mightn't otherwise consider, I researched the imagery and the icons that are currently used to convey "Goddess" .

Every body has a different idea as to the colours, words and feelings associated with the word, these are highly personal according to culture and belief systems, you can see that from the associated words and imagery I have included below.

Words : Meanings & Synonyms

Synonyms for goddess

noun female nature spirit
dryad, fairy, goddess, mermaid, naiad, nymphet, spirit, sprite, sylph

Words related to goddess

noun. god, worshiped being

Divine Being, celestial, celestial being, creator, demigoddess, divinity, goddess, godhead, idol, immortal, supreme being

Words relating to Divinity

noun. absolute being; divine nature

celestial, deity, genius, god, goddess, godhead, godhood, godliness, godship, guardian spirit, higher power, holiness, lord, prime mover, sanctity, spirit



noun: goddess; plural noun: goddesses, a female deity.

"Athena Nike, goddess of victory"
a woman who is greatly admired, especially for her beauty.
"he had an affair with a screen goddess"

Imagery & Icons

The imagery I found during my research representing the word Goddess was extremely varied, I have included screenshots of a selection of images found, you will see that the styles and colours differ hugely, some are floaty & ethereal in quality and some are determindly warrior like!
(Click images to enlarge)

Colours & Perception

The colours that you use for your branding can heavily influence which target market your brand will appeal to, I did some market research amongst my varied networks and the answers were indicative of personality types, knowing the people I asked for input, the majority in your target market opted for golds over every other colour, interestingly pink only came up twice out of over 150 replies across various platforms! The next favourite was purple, followed by blue and silver.

Expressions & Perception

The Laughter ! I spent some time studying laughter expressions both in still photography and video, this was a very interesting piece of research, it lost me for a while there, I originally intended to depict your laughing goddess laughing, but .. and it's a big but .. from my point of view without clarification ie sound input, additional images or words it's far too easy to mistake a laughing face for a screaming one.

Your Design

I have designed your Branding according to my research and taking into account the following : Your target market is primarily individuals who are looking to feel better, your service will appeal more to women than men, and more to the older generation and those suffering with long term pain, depression or other medical issues & possibly rehabilitating. The Appeal : A design that makes them smile, lifts their spirits and conveys their end goal which is happiness. The resulting design needs to be inoffensive yet eye-catching, paler, possibly muted colours rather than lights, brights or high contrast.