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Professional Logo Design Package

This package will provide you with 3 initial logo concepts plus you will have unlimited revisions to request alterations and amendments to refine your logo to your satisfaction.

File types we produce

AutoCAD Drawing (dwg)
AutoCAD Interchange File (dxf)
BMP (bmp) CSS (css)
Enhanced Metafile (emf)
Flash (swf) JPEG (jpg)
Macintosh PICT (pct)
Photoshop (psd)
Encapsulated PostScript (eps, epsf, ps)

PNG (png)
SVG (svg) Targa (tga)
Text Format (txt)
TIFF (tif)
Windows Metafile (wmf)
GIF (gif)
JPEG (jpg)
PDF (pdf)

Professional Logo Design Package

Perfect for individuals & businesses who require a unique and professional logo design for their business, complete with the files they need to drive their business forward via all media channels.