Who Am i ?

See, now this is a question I ask myself on a daily basis ..
I asked myself the question several times when I sat down to write this little piece of text here .. and truly, to different people I am different things so that's a really tricky question to answer!

I'm a horse mad geek that loves flowers, drawing and learning, and seriously that there about sums me up.
It's because of these three passions, that I can now create the graphics that I create and write the code that I can write.

  When my children were young, after experiencing a fair amount of "babybrain" (seriously I felt like my noggin had switched off somewhat) I looked for something to do that would occupy my grey matter in the downtime from being mum, I discovered Jasc Paint Shop Pro, on a forum i belonged to and I was hooked initially by the effects you could create by layering images.
I studied Art at A-level, my interest was piqued somewhat so I taught myself to use it. I progressed to creating transparent pngs from photos and "The Rest is History" as they say, that's a tad dramatic for my liking really but hey ho you get the jist!.
  That was 16 years ago now and it's a non-stop learning curve, I'm still learning, all the time and I love projects that encourage me to learn new skills and methods.
I'm now an Adobe Illustrator Addict and have been for some time!
I don't think there is any real chance of recovery if I'm honest.

a picture of me