updated: 2020-05-14 17:58:10

Because the Alt Tags Said So

Well this morning I am mostly Caffiene Fuelled!
I must admit I have probably overdone the coffee "Because the Alt Tags Said So" !
No seriously I have overdone the coffee this morning, but that's a good thing, because I'm about to embark on a part of building websites that I really don't enjoy.

Alt tags are fun so they are !!
They aren't,they are possibly THE most soul destroying part of a website build if I'm honest .. but that's probably because I'd much rather be poking the unicorn than using my brain.
The task at hand..  making sure that each image is described and titled in keeping with the website I am building.

Best practice states that you should label your images with a title and a description, and that if you have a link attached to view larger the title tag should tell you this on hover.
Large Rainbow Coffee Cup Quote Image caffiene is the foundation of my food pyramid
There is obviously a reason google want you to do this .. it gives them information on the image you are uploading for the database.
Essentially it's so that the blind will get a description of the image they cannot see when their text reader reads the page and for text only browsers, it also educates their bots and their face recognition software wink .

From a website build perspective, this ability to include a description is particularly useful if you are trying to gain ground with your rankings, the more text you can include with your image and the more descriptive you can be within the limit of 16 words ish, the better

The limit on alt text is a subject continually tested by several developers around t'interweb and the research I've read recently still bears this out.(incidentally it's been roughly the same since around 2007)

Surprisingly (or not cos it's mind-numbing and fiddly on most platforms without some plugins) it's a tool not often used by developers when building a website, and when it is,it isn't always used to the best advantage.
As with everything SEO .. follow the rules your grandparents gave you regarding life ..
Everything is good in Moderation .. Don't Over do it ..

Google isn't stupid wink  It's probably marginally more intelligent than your average Hooman Face :D

The image below carries the following attributes ..

title="Click to view large rainbow coffee cup image"
alt="Large Rainbow Coffee Cup Quote Image caffiene is the foundation of my food pyramid"