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Sample Facebook Post

"Well guess what HoomanFaces it's Sunday afternoon and like a #goodgeek I'm all holed up under a blankie
dealing with software that can't keep up with my brain ...
#frustrating (it's pre-watershed so i'll resist the urge to swear)
Ye would think, in an age where data can move at lightening speed, software would be able to manage to cope with
a moment of human indecision and keep up .. wouldn't ye ?
Nope seems not, much as I adore the #adobe suite .. it is not fast enough !
So whilst I'm in the mood for immediate gratification I'm going to switch to #codemode .. because that ,
on our servers is immediate gratification ! "

This was shared with a bright yellow Hennesey Venom f5 ...

Well it's fast .. horrid in yellow .. but it's fast so relevant .. and very attractive to people that are liking fast ..
and a myriad of other "adjectives" ... is this making sense ?

Maximising the impact of a facebook post can be achieved in many ways !

Did ye see what I did there ?
With the relevant terms .. ^^

Here at UF HQ we view our server speeds as one of the most important factors when hosting your website
and expecting google search results, as we KNOW that overloading servers is the quickest way to make sure
that nobody ever sees you because of your server speed .. Which is why we don't do it !

Although this isnt mentioned in the post, it IS mentioned on the website, right here in this post .. so the connection is made,
the link to the post is placed, and google registers and interest in server speeds and so do our current audience wink

Other associations are of course made, depending on the depth of thinking and wether those associations are made conciously or subconciously, this though would be down to audience experience and intelligence, education, environment, politics and a whole slew of extrerior parameters I cannot be arsed to list, but ye get the gist ?

#1 Facebook Algo Posting Tip ..
If you can, your posts should contain relevancy to your products/services as well as be engaging to your audience, especially in a social media environment, interaction and emotion is the goal!
Expand your reach by expanding the way you think about those that might be interested in your business :D , if you are selling knickers, knickers wont be their only interest will it ?

Doubtful wink

If you brainstorm relevant topics and interests and canvas your hoomanface friends you find a whole new world
will open up with regards to future social media marketing.

Original facebook post

<iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https://www.facebook.com/unicornfartsdesignstudio/posts/2206265529703341&width=500" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true" allow="encrypted-media" width="500" height="532" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Ye likely cannot see this as facebook provides these things based in an iframe . . (tad out of date)

Yip .. hate te say i told ye so but .. well

Original Facebook Post

Maybe just that will work betterer wink