updated: 2020-05-14 10:33:34

miqwai logo design proof black and white

MIQWAI CMS Logo Design.

This logo design was created for our very own Content Management System.
The Cms has been developed over the last 5 years in partnership with JCWebDev.

The Brief was sparse,as it always is with our own project Branding. The name was the first hurdle, as with every Branding Exercise it's always difficult at first because you have to run through alist of impossibilities, researching every name that pops up to make sure we aren't stampingon anybody elses hooves.

As it happens the majority of names we had chosen were already taken by other unrelated web developments that were a little too close to our product for comfort, so we had to make one up.

Creating names is always fun as it generally starts with mixing names together much like you do when choosing a name for a baby.
There were many hilarious if unfitting words that could be made from our real names, so we had to think again.

We thunk a LOT .. and then we put it in the too difficult pile for a later creative burst. This often happens, I will run through hundreds of possibilities in my head before putting a project to one side, mainly to let my brain rest, but as often is the case, the next time I'm feeling creative I'll suddenly comeup with an answer .. Today the inspiration came from the word Qubytes .. the letter Q to be precise.

I wanted the Q to be the stand out letter, I like the letter Q.
I wanted a name that was Original and most definately not in use anywhere.
So I step back and look at what we are branding, I describe it in words,the brainstorm i came up with resulted in a list something like this :

Artificial Intelligence

It's an uninspiring list isnt it ?

Well it is until you start mixing the words up a bit,

The Product is :

Intelligent, Simple, Qubytes Memory, Software.
Simple, Intelligent, Designer, Developed, Qubytes.

This went on for a while and progressed to sentences and then I wrote this :

My Intuitive Qubytes With Artificial Intelligence **Bingo Moment**

The initials of this sentence : MIQWAI

Now THAT word is pleasing,it's pleasingto the eye in a any font too, which is why I didn't use one.
Once I had the name I knew exactly how I wanted it to look.
The resulting Logo Design I will admit I'm a little in love with, it's SO simple and adaptable, I've created it as a single vector, cut out so that it can be placed on any background, as shown by my examples. The beauty of producing the different file types is that we can animate this too at a later date if required.

miqwai vector graphic adobe illustrator