updated: 2018-12-10 12:55:07

This week sees us starting several new Web Developments, based on MIQWAI .. Our Intelligent CMS.

Once our software is installed we set about deciding on our Site Map Structure, we decide where the content needs to be displayed and how, that's what I'm going to be doing today, for the most part, building "webs" ..
This generally involves lots of head scratching, a fair amount of swearing and some rather heated discussions on importance and heirarchy .. and that's just between the voices in my own head wink
 This is one of my favourite parts of building a website, as you get to see the bigger picture, it reveals the opportunities to connect with an audience based on the content you provide.
 We have a selection of MIQWAI projects ongoing currently, which include a an Ecommerce Development for a ocal Small Business, A data and record keeping website and booking system, an artists portfolio and a Business Hub with a highly personalised CRM that includes the ability to scan business cards .. Essential when you're trying to keep track of Business associates!

MIQWAI is being constantly updated and improved, with new features being created on a daily basis .. standard features are continuously improved to keep up with industry standards and to take advantage of new technology when it's available.

We also continuously improve the UI to take account of easy navigation and intuitive design, our Content Management System is built on the Code Igniter Framework, which is by reputation the fasted loading framework there is currently, it's going to be interesting to see how these developments cope with the amount of content involved in creating the databases for some of them.
We will be monitoring their performance as we do with all of our developments to ensure we continue to get the best performance .. it's important that nobody is kept standing outside your website waiting for the doors to open !

It's equally important to google, who has about as much patience as a toddler in an icecream parlour !!
If the content isnt delivered in a timely fashion .. junior is going to change his mind and go looking for candy floss!!

There is nowt more petulant than a toddler that doesnt get icecream .. the tantrums that google throws on landing on a clock work website have to be seen to be believed!
Toys out of the pram .. if you're not vigilant it will escalate into a full scale snot loaded screaming hissing fit .. screeching at the top of it's voice "I don't love you anymore" and throwing itself on the floor!

Nobody needs that !

Part of our development process includes minimising the code load over pages and using the smallest possible file sizes for images without losing quality.
Google likes it's reading material to be interesting and FAST .. well who doesn't!

Before I get sidetracked into toddlers, below I've added some links to the MIQWAI channels

I have embedded the last video too, if you are interested in watching some of the code be written.

If you would like to see last weeks video diary entries for the development  of MIQWAI Jamie has a youtube channel here : James Cairney