updated: 2020-05-14 16:56:43

Many moons ago (well it feels like that, in reality it was probably 6 years-ish) a friend of a friend drew me a character that I affectionately called My Pink Monster .. he never did get a job, I think his name was off putting to be honest *chuckles* I did kinda make him sound like a "toy".Well as it happens, I have been writing a new series of helpers and the series was in desperate need of a character to tell a 'story' and so I went on a hard drive hunt for his original artwork .. I could only find this ..
Now this causes me issues as a designer he's a jpg .. which means I cannot lift him into another piece of artwork .. this means :

  • 1 ~ He's very, very old nobody uses jpgs still do they ? Other than photographers ?
  • 2 ~ I have had to redraw him
  • 3 ~ Now he is "new" I have a character in bits that I can animate YaY!!
  • Below are some screen shots of my redrawing :
    “pink-monster-finished” “pink-monster-finished” “pink-monster-finished”
    I'll admit I found him a challenge,I'm not a huge fan of redrawing other peoples work, but needs must, it did mean I could bring his colour up to date with my brand image though, which is awesome .. and who knows maybe he will gain some different coloured friends along the way wink

    The real advantage to having a raw file to work with though, is the fun you can have making him dress up ..
    I cannot be the only person that thinks he looks awesome in glasses ?