updated: 2018-11-04 18:33:32

Algorithms .. they sound scary right ?

Algorithm : A process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.

Everyone is scared of algorithms because at school only the top set learnt about them right ?
All those Braniacs studying Mathematics at a higher level yes ?

Poop! Absolute Unicorn Poop!

Especially when it comes to a Search Engine Algorithm wink

Over the years we (myself and my unicorn friends) have sat and watched people get scared by these to the point where they will lie awake awaiting a google update .. seriously NO .. it's not that tricky that you need to be losing sleep over it.

So I'm going to try to explain these monsters in simple terms to make them less scary .. I hope!

The algorithms used by all search engines and some platforms like facebook & youtube are just like great big shape sorters .. you know the ones like we played with as kids .. just with a lot more holes and one hell of a lot more shapes!

The "calculations" used to determine where your content appears in a search result no matter which platform you are using are really no more than a multi level shape sorter .. or a multiple choice answer sheet in an exam.

Googles' algorithm in particular uses the following to enhance its results :
language (context)
location (geo-assisted)
time (timezones)
date (current content)
keyword matching (relevance)

All of the above are computer programmes that have been developed over the last 10 years with an increase of over 30% more relevant results.

But here is the important bit, these programmes have been built by humans so Google Search is probably more likely to understand your question than the average hoomanface.

Page Rank

This is the "official" name for the algorithm google uses to 'rank' websites for relevance to search term, so named after it's creator Larry Page.
This is the most important thing you need to remember about Googles Algorithm, it is intelligent and continually improving, based on the structured data process it uses to rank pages for Larry wink
It's decision making is ever more human, it's evolving with each and every search so trying to manipulate search results is pointless in the long term.

So today we have learnt that algorithm is just a fancy word for a good sort out of what goes in what box .. and isnt really a scary monster.
It's actually more like an over friendly chimp  .. best kept entertained!

Throw it some content to fetch back .. happy algorithm!