updated: 2020-05-14 17:13:20

You know i tried really hard to come up with a different title for this post as it seemed a little basic but hey ho, it is what it is ..

Over the years many people have come to us for advice regarding the Great God that is Google.
I must admit that I'm always slightly amazed at how confused people get when discussing search results and page rank and SEO because if you take the concept of the internet and turn it from the "Magic" that it is .. full of mystery, sorcery, spells and much Horror Movie style Screaming;

If we take that concept and stick it in a time machine what you get is a huge library full of books .. is it not ?

Each website is a book in an infinate library.

If you can get your head around an infinate library full of independently published books then you can understand how google works.

No Magic, No Sorcery, No Spells, No Screaming .. just a few Ohhhhs and Ahhhhs, akin to those that accompany a decent firework display.

If  Google is a library full of books it needs a librarian right ?

The librarian sorts the books

So the Librarian = The Algorithm
Ok its a monster .. I lied a bit .. but he certainly isnt scary, he's almost cute look !