What We Do

Branding & Corporate Identity

The outward expression of a brand, including its name, trademark, communications, and visual appearance is brand identity, your brand image is important, we take it as seriously as you do.
Your brand needs to strongly identify your products and services differently to your competitors.
I believe your business branding to be more than a well designed logo and an appealing tagline.
Your Identity should immediately form an opinion in the mind of your prospective customer or client.
All of the interactions you have will communicate a message & establish a standpoint regarding your brand. Your identity is shaped by everything from the logo , to web navigation & public interaction within the social media environment.
 It is not uncommon for clients to choose to re-visit their identity when re-developing their website. If asked to do this we can redevelop your logo and brand guidelines during the website development process. We can then provide all the art-work and appropriate documentation necessary for you to re-purpose this new identity in print or other mediums.

Website Development

All of our website developments here at Unicorn F'Arts are engineered upon our very own in-house Content Management System. "MIQWAI" is a fully scalable solutions designed to create an online "Business Hub"  to meet the demands of a growing business.
Your store front is your website! Thats simple enough isn't it ?
But what if your website could contain ALL of the tools you need to run your business ? Complete with reporting abilities and feeds from Social Media ?
There are no restrictions on cno restrictions on "crazy stuff" with us!

If required we can customise it even further by adding CRM components to it also developed by ourselves.

What we can build  for your business is really only limited by your imagination.

At the design stage we will have outlined the visual style and layouts for the website, illustrating how the various types of information will be displayed. We will then set about developing your uniquely engineered website to fit the needs of your business both for now and for the future.

Because MIQWAI was developed by ourselves in house we have the tools (that should probably read people) to develop your website from start to finish.

Not only will our Designers make it look good, but our Site Engineers will make it work right too!

SEO Services

We offer an SEO service to our clients, the sites that we build are always set up to get the maximum SEO value from them that we can, With the content we are provided.
Our SEO knowledge has been gained over 10 years and we use methods that we have tried and tested, we are constantly trialling different methods to underpin our knowledge and methods.




We offer some very reasonable hosting packages suitable for most businesses, the servers are reliable and fast with no over crowding, our servers are looked after by a Company in Scotland with over 15 years experience who is also a nominet registrar, his advice and service is second to none, we have built a relationship with him over the years and he is always available if we experience any issues. This is rare but its essential to the Personal Service we Offer.
We can also secure your domain name for you, Nominet Registrar status ensures that our clients Domains are legal and correctly registered.


Promotional Print

Promotional print has fallen out of fashion recently in favour of the internet, social media and blogging, but here at Unicorn F'Arts we still believe that the influence of printed media can still be felt when done right!
All of your printed promotional material can be used to really pull your brand together and raise the profile and recognition of your business, especially when it designed to stand out. Using our long standing print partners we strive to design and deliver outstanding branding across all of your printed media without compromise on quality.
You can view our full range of Items on our Print Shop page

Here at Unicorn F'arts we realise that when setting up a business there are limits on budget and will work with you as much as we can, we are realistic too and will be honest with you as to how best to proceed with a very limited budget if we can.